Design Strategy: Hope or Hype — The conclusion 3/3 | How do we market our creative services?

Have designers always used design thinking or creative strategy as a basis for their design? Is design strategy just another trendy way to market creative services?

In the series conclusion, Marc Posch and Chris Do debate the terms, merit, and application of strategy. Get your popcorn ready as this is a double length episode.


01:02 Marc – Design is still in high demand at a certain level.
02:40 Q: What traditional graphic designer, continues to do better than they were a decade ago?
03:33 Marc – I see design thinking as the main job of a designer.
05:15 Evolve: Our design service company was in decline until we found the strategy.
08:48 Q: Why do you think that strategy was the driver that turned the business around?
09:25 Transfer knowledge within a structured framework
14:27 How to design a better user experience and understand the brand
14:58 Q: How do therapists know how to solve problems? Asking questions – surface root problems.
16:25 The execution is the same, it’s the self-discovery that helps people buy into the solution.
17:29 Be open and transparent
18:38 Marc – Strategy could be misused to convince a client that there are changes that need to be made (when there are none).
19:09 I don’t convince people to buy design after facilitation – I give value
20:40 Getting to the Root: Ask why three times?
22:12 Meeting Lifehack: Be present, listen intently, consider the dialogue in the third person perspective.
25:53 “I have to educate the client” – Educate means to draw out, not put in.
27:00 5 Rules of Collaboration – Blair Enns
29:11 “Design is a process where you invent creative solutions to a problem.” – Marty Neumeier
29:16 I like to define the problem beyond giving the website a facelift.
29:53 Q: What is the particular process for your strategy?
30:29 Q: Do you ask those questions in person?
30:48 Is the questionnaire your strategy framework?
32:00 Chris – Why you cannot do a questionnaire as a substitute for your strategy framework
33:27 Q: Couldn’t you have skipped the questionnaire and started the dialogue from the beginning?
34:03 Chris – I don’t over prepare for meetings to keep my facilitation unbiased with facts.
36:07 Marc – Your clients expect quality questions
38:20 Marc – Is the value of creative declining while strategy is increasing?
38:36 Chris – It’s not a zero-sum game. Strategy and design are not mutually exclusive.
43:17 The User – Understanding your customer’s customer
44:59 The Golden Questions: What’s your goal? What’s Getting in your way? Why do you believe that to be true?

5 Rules of Collaboration – Blair Enns

1. Strategy before development
2. Continuous reference to strategy
3. Freedom of execution
4. Fewer options of higher quality
5. Only present your own work


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