Create an Apple Style Music Poster! (5 Duotone Effects and Techniques in Photoshop)

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Written tutorial and free Gradient pack download:

There is nothing quite as un-sexy as the term “duotone” so I’ve decided to make a tutorial showing you not just how to duotone, but 5 pretty cool different duotone effects that you can use practically in projects you are working on now. We’ll create a text masked, multi-colored duotone effect to a portrait photograph, we’ll create a simple comic book styled duotone effect, we’ll create a retro/vintage photograph effect which will take your photos back to the 1800’s, we’ll create a grunge movie poster image effect, and we’ll create the new Apple Music Festival 2016 poster effect using brightly colored gradients and masking duotone gradient map layers. It’s all pretty simple and once you see it, you’ll never forget it! Make sure you use the link to my website to grab the free duotone gradient pack that I’m giving away!

Clouds Texture:
Grunge Brush pack:

Pick up my image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here:



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