Compositing Creative Ads in Photoshop with Serrandon – 1 of 2

Want to create advertisements with your photos? Join photographer Serrandon as he creates retro-style ads inspired by the Nintendo SP using Adobe Photoshop. Watch Serrandon create the “long exposure” effect within Photoshop, use masks and keys to blend layers together, and add details to your photos to make the atmosphere pop. Stick around for photography techniques and tips during the 2-day live stream!

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Guest Serrandon is a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, CA:

Host Idara Ekpoh is a Nigerian-American photographer, creative director, and educator based in Arizona:
00:00 Start
00:57 Introduction
03:16 Serrandon’s introduction
06:28 Today’s theme
11:20 Overview of photo assets and theme
15:00 Cropping
18:06 Content aware fill
22:00 Selecting with the pen tool
24:04 Distort and Skew
26:12 Retouching the photo
32:40 Quick selection tool
38:35 Compositing the images together
39:30 Creating a shadow
49:44 Masking the shadow
53:18 Gradient overlay
59:32 Creating a screen glow effect
1:08:12 Editing the games into the screen
1:19:15 Adding a depth of field effect
01:21:54 Field blur
1:26:28 Pen tool selections
1:44:10 Blending modes
1:49:20 Plans for next stream


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