How To Create REALISTIC Mockups for your logo designs!

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📋 Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:53 Unlock & Rename the Background layer in Photoshop
01:04 Creating a Shape in Photoshop
01:09 Converting the Layer into a Smart Object
01:49 Transforming / Warping the Smart Object
03:22 Changing the Layer styles (Linear Burn)
04:00 Object Selection Tool
04:56 Creating a Mask from a Selection
05:19 Removing a Mask & Refining the Smart Object
05:47 How to make more accurate Masks (Brush Tool)
06:31 Adding your Logo to the Mockup (Smart Object)
06:58 How to fix/adjust the warp of a Smart Object
07:55 Adding more defined Shadows and Highlights (Blend If function)
08:41 Envato Elements
10:03 Adding/Changing colours on the Mockup
11:17 Final Mockup
11:41 Outro



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