Cliff Village In Sichuan, China

Cliff Village In Sichuan, China

Honorable Mention
2021 Skyscraper Competition

Dian Rui, Shuangyu Teng, Yucheng Feng

Problems of the Cliff Village
Cliff Village is located in Sichuan Province, China. It is an isolated ‘island’ in the mountains which is 800m above the ground deep. Hundreds of years ago, the ancestors of the village moved here to escape the war. The local villagers live a self-sufficient life. The only rattan ladder is important transportation for them to communicate with the outside world. Although the steel ladder has been rebuilt in Cliff Village, the poverty problem has become prominent due to inconvenient transportation. Thus, we hope to build a vertical traffic tower to solve the problem of inconvenient traffic in Cliff Village At the same time, we hope to increase industrial possibilities in the building to solve the poverty problem of villagers.

In order to solve the transportation problem of the villagers going up and down the mountain, the building designed a fast vertical transportation device to transport people, vehicles, and goods. At the same time, the building provides a place for air traffic and underground rail traffic which can solve traffic problems such as emergency medical treatment and long-distance travel for villagers. Horizontal covered bridges can connect multiple villages at different elevations to create a new living platform.

On the basis of the original planting industry in the Cliff Village, we added processing, live broadcast, and sales functions to help products sell quickly. Besides, the development of valley landscapes and karst caves will attract more tourists to travel, increase the economic income of villagers, and solve the problem of poverty.

The building adopts the traditional wooden structure form. All the functions are built in the unit of 40 m* 40 m* 40m. The building structure draws lessons from the dark layer structure of the Chinese traditional wooden tower. The structural reinforcement layer is set every 40m. The bucket arch uses the traditional form of Yi nationality’s architecture. A large number of curve elements are added to the roof to create vitality and power for the building.

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