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Lecture 203 – Introduction to 3D Rhinoceros (Spring 2019)

An overview of basic 3D drawing techniques in Rhinoceros including the rotate3d, extrudecrv, & project commands source

Lecture 202 – Introduction to 2D Rhinoceros (Spring 2018)

An overview of basic 2D drawing techniques in Rhinoceros including an overview of the coordinate system, and the Polyline, Trim, and Mirror, commands. ...

ARCH2102 – Rhino Sun Studies

This is a quick video that shows how to generate realtime sun studies in Rhino 5. source

ARCH2102 – Ramps in Rhino

In this video, I show how to create a specific circular ramp design and demonstrate methods for creating straight-run ramps. source

ARCH2102 – Rhino Camera Matching

This video demonstrates how to align a virtual Rhino camera with a real photograph, to facilitate your photo collage assignment. I have to do...

Rhino Tutorial 5 of 5: Axonometric Line Drawing with Make2D

This video explains how to create axonometric line drawings from a Rhino model using a simple macro script and the Make2D command. source

Rhino Tutorial 4 of 5: 3D Scaffold Modeling & Negative Space Models

This video describes a simple 3D modeling process using 2D orthographic line drawings. I introduce several basic modeling techniques such as extrusion, mirroring, lofting,...

Rhino Tutorial 3 of 5: 3D Modeling Topology

This video is a supplement to our tutorials on 3D modeling, intended to teach you how to think about the construction of 3D forms...

Rhino Tutorial 2 of 5: 2D Drawing in Rhino

This tutorial explains basic 2D drawing in Rhinoceros using lines, shapes, modifications, and transforms. In particular, I focus on the similarities between drawing in...