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RIBA Annual Leave 2017, Bath University

Eric Parry speaking at University of Bath. Film courtesy of University of Bath. source

Biennale Architettura 2012 – Eric Parry Architects

An interview with Eric Parry, Steve Tompkins, Graham Haworth, Claudia Lynch, and Patric Lynch at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition source

Eric Parry, “Webs, Plates, Fists and Gloves: Designing with Metals in Architecture”

Iron used in the domestic interior revolutionized our understanding of the spatial setting; used in tall buildings, it has equally contributed to radical redefinition...

Eric Parry – Evening Lecture – Architecture Visible Image of Invisible Thoughts

Lecture date: 2009-12-01 Over the last decade built work from Eric Parry Architects has been almost exclusively in London, itself a composite of several cities. Eric...

Maria Warner Wong & Eric Parry: Housing and Luxury

What do purchasers expect from individual luxury homes that differ from general market product? How can architects communicate their value to clients, in a...