Business of Design Crash Course w/ Rebecca Ep. 5

Rebecca has a lot of questions about managing her design business. What’s the right balance of work versus marketing and sales? How can she grow her design business? Is she too busy working in her business and not enough on her business?

Craftwell by Rebecca Heinemann

Enjoy this video? Here’s the Rebecca Heinemann Playlist;

01:55 How to balance business development versus doing the work yourself?
04:50 Never do a job you can pay someone else to do at minimum wage. Michael Janda “Burn your portfolio”
06:20 Straddling both worlds and learning to let go. Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo spot.
13:30 How to price sub contractors to protect yourself from losing money
14:01 How to Run Your Business Like A Boss link
15:00 Get job leads by being more visible. Be mindful of where and how your new job leads or prospects find you.
18:00 Social prospecting via Linkedin
20:00 Ten things you need to do right now to get work.

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Editor– Stewart Schuster
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne
Annotations– Melissa Katherine
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Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne


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