AMA w/ Keir McLaren Pt 2: Adapting to a Changing Creative Economy

Sit back relax and learn how to do business.

Chris Do’s refreshingly insightful Business Consultant Keir McLaren is on the show sharing anecdotes of his life as a business man. Keir discusses his views and insights on the successful businessperson’s attitude, actions and mindset.

How to conduct a meeting.

How to present yourself and your company in the best way.

How to ask questions and what questions to ask.

How to grow your business and keep it in balance with life.

Anecdotes on the ever changing, creative-business world, and how to adapt 00:45

“You have to decide what you do.” 04:52

“…view yourself as a creative problem solver in the world of visual arts.” 06:29

the 2 people who are hardest to find are true creatives and ppl who can sell. 07:20

“You do have something to offer, it’s just not what you’re offering today” 08:56

Priming. “Be mindful of how your use your language.” 11:20

Keir describing how his apprentice, Chris Do has changed since they met. 15:52

“Hire people smarter than you.” 19:18

“Everybody needs a good coach” 22:19

“Become an owner not an artist.” 25:32

” The Good Enough Revolution” 31:48

“What habit distinguishes those that are successful from those who are not?” 33:19

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