Alessi and the Italian Design Factories – Alberto Alessi

13th January 2018
Evening Lecture

The Alessi AirSpace project is a new learning platform focusing on Design at 30,000ft, organised in collaboration with Alessi and Delta Airlines as part of the AA Visiting School. The studio brief focuses on developing innovative directions for airline travel products using advanced computational design and 3D prototyping. In this keynote to close the inaugural Alessi AirSpace Visiting School, Alberto Alessi will speak about the importance of designed objects and the world they generate around them.

Alberto Alessi is president of Alessi Spa as well as head of marketing strategy, communication and design management. The eldest son of Carlo Alessi, he belongs to the third generation of the Alessi family of designers and manufacturers. Since 1970 he has collaborated with architects and designers from all over the world. He is the author of a number of books, including Not in Production Next to Production and The Dream Factory.


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