AAgora: Architekt ist tot – The Architect is Dead

Lecture date: 29-01-2016

Patrik Schumacher, Clemens Weisshaar, Francesca Hughes, Ryan Dillon, Francesco Catemario di Quadri & Jakob Skote

Architekt ist tot – “The Architect is Dead”


In an age where technology weaves itself further through the fabric of quotidian life – from Apple Pay, 3D Printing and Drones to the Google Car and the employment of automated systems – the human is slowly relieved of its duties, in an effort to increasing her leisure and enriching her spiritual life. However, in this, the architectural profession is not exempt. In a transition that postulates the architect’s potential self demise through the implementations of these digital tools, what could be the beginning of the end of architectural transcendence in man, who shall concern itself with building, man or machine? Or both?


Patrik Schumacher (DE) – Current director of Zaha Hadid Architects, architect and theorist Patrik, founder of the AA DRL Programme, has long been involved in computational design and automated systems. Author of the two-part series The Autopoiesis of Architecture, through parametric theory, Patrik proposes a new architectural framework delving into a ceaseless sense of architectural auto-reproduction.

Clemens Weisshaar (DE) – Clemens Weisshaar began as a metal worker and studied product design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London. He now runs Kram/Weisshaar which has been referred to as “the poster boys” of “vanguard next generation digital designers”, affluent in knowledge of digital fabrication, robotic technologies and artificial intelligence.

Francesca Hughes (UK) – Francesca Hughes has taught extensively in London through the Bartlett School of Architecture and the AA, as well as lectured globally at other architecture institutions. Currently co-leading Hughes Meyer studio, and author of many publications – most notably The Architecture of Error: Matter, Measure and the Misadventures of Precision – Francesca questions the involvement of technology in the digital design process and its contribution in “reducing” human error. What if this pivotal cultural and technological transition is considered as an unspoken horror of loss of control over human error?

Ryan Dillon (USA) – Ryan Dillon received his Bachelor of Architecture at Syracuse University School of Architecture and his MA from the Histories and Theories programme at the AA. Having worked at Moshe Safdie Architects, Ryan is now a designer at EGG Office and teacher in the AA’s undergraduate History & Theory programme and the Architecture and Urbanism graduate programme (DRL), and teaches a Intermediate Unit 5, where he reserves a special interest in the relationship between emergent technologies and how they are interwoven in our daily lives and the role.

Francesco Catemario di Quadri (IT/PT/CH) – Francesco, currently a third year student has been a student at the AA since foundation, ex Inter 6 and currently in Inter 5.

Jakob Skote (SE) – Jakob, currently a third year student has been a student at the AA since second year, ex Inter 11 and currently in Inter 14.


Ash Musikavanhu (UK/ZW) – Ash, currently a third year student has been a student at the AA since second year, currently in Inter 6

AAgora: Francesco Catemario di Quadri, Sahir Patel, Stan Turcon, Jakob Skote and Ash Musikavanhu


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