AA-AD Symposium – Part 3

Lecture date: 2012-04-30

Ecological Design Research and Computation

Organised in conjunction with the AA School’s Masters Programme in Sustainable Environmental Design, the symposium brings together contributors to AD’s special issue on Experimental Green Strategies – Redefining ecological design research.

Simos Yannas, AA Graduate School: Adaptive Strategies for an Ecological Architecture

Robert Aish, Autodesk Research: Designing at t+n

Azam Khan, Autodesk Research:Simulation and the Future of Design Tools for Ecological Research

Kasper Jørgensen, 3XN Architects, Denmark: Architect as Material Designer

Judit Kimpian and Christian Derix, AEDAS: Research and Design Computation

Meredith Davey, Atelier 10: Ecologically Reflective Design

Irene Gallou and Giovanni Betti, Foster+Partners: Project-led Research

Terri Peters, AD Guest Editor: Experimental Green Strategies, Redefining Ecological Design Research



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