7 Architecture Facts pt.36 | Human, Building, Castle & Victorian

The Dome of the Rock is a Muslim shrine located in the Old City of Jerusalem built toward the end of the 7th century. The building is one of the oldest examples of Islamic architecture. The dome was originally made of gold, now covered in gold leaf; Buildings are not forever. In 2008 the average lifespan of an office building was seventy-three years. Add five years to that and 78 years old was the average life span of a person living in the United States; Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Southwest Bavaria, Germany. The Romanesque Revival palace was built for a King Ludwig II during the late 19th century. It’s now visited by up to 6000 tourists a day; Windmills come in all shapes and sizes and their sails or blades have been driven by wind over the centuries to grind grains or pump water. Windmills or wind turbines today work essentially the same way but generate electricity instead; The Corinthian column is the namesake of the ancient Greek city of Corinth. The column was the last of the three classical orders to be developed and may have originally been inspired to appear like Acanthus leaves growing from a basket; Like the gargoyle doorknockers were originally meant as a kind of sculpture to ward off spirits. This door hardware became obsolete as a means to indicate ones arrival when the door bell was invented. That doesn’t mean however, they’ve gone away; The term Victorian architecture actually refers to a variety of styles that grew out of the period of Queen Victoria’s rein in Britain. The Architecture is eclectic but leans heavily on a Gothic sensibility—hence the prevalence of sharp vertical elements.

This is a video series about facts in architecture. The 15 second videos featured in the series are created by Doug and posted every day on his Instagram account @dougpatt.




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