Using SketchUp with Maxwell Plug-In to Create Night, Dusk, and Evening Renderings

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In this video I walk you through the three-step process of creating evening, night, and dusk renderings using SketchUp with the Maxwell Plug-in. You’ll need the production renderer to complete these (paid version of the plug-in), but it’s inexpensive.

First step: render the scene without any environmental illumination. No environment at an EV 4. Make sure to assign an emitter to the entire floor surface with the wattage around 650 Watts +/-.

Second step: render the scene with an HDRI as the environmental illumination and an EV 14 +/-

Third step: I camera match a photo in SketchUp to be sure I have the perspective correct when I render. But you can select any image to use as your background and overlay the first rendering with the second and place that in the background image. I add fog (gradient and clouds) along with silhouettes (people, trees, birds, etc.) for detail in the final images.

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