449: Is It Really a Collections Issue? with Yotam Kedem & Lior Schnabel of Precise International

Today I will be speaking with Yotam Kedem and Lior Schnabel, partners at Precise International, a leading financial management and control service provider for architectural, engineering and law firms. Yotam leads the New York office and Lior leads the international services.

Precise was established more than 25 years ago in Israel in 1996, and started to provide international services in 2011.

They assist their clients in increasing their businesses efficiency, improve their Key Performance Indicators and maximize their profit. They do this by defining the firm’s objectives according to industry standards KPI’s, Measuring the firm’s Performance according to the financial objectives, project management and control processes, billing projections and staff allocation- according to financial indicators.

In today’s episode we will be discussing:
– Cash flow issues and how to avoid them
– Key Performance indicators what they are and which ones are relevant for you
– Is it really a collections issues?

To learn more about Yotam and Lior visit their:

Website: https://www.precise-int.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/preciseint

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