260: Creating a Remarkable Client Experience with Jesse Cole

Today is the second half of my interview with Jesse Cole, the marketing genius who transformed a struggling minor-league baseball team into a team that plays for sold-out crowds all season long.
I first heard about Jesse from my friend Scott Beebe, who shared a presentation with me that Jesse did on designing the client experience – what happens from the moment someone first interacts with a company all the way through to doing business, and after.

What if you gave the same attention to the experience your clients have working with you that you do to creating detailed and error-free drawings?

What if you architected the entire client experience process? What could you make that look like?

As architects, some of our biggest business breakthroughs can come by thinking and doing things differently than what everyone else is doing – thinking outside of the proverbial box.

In today’s interview you’ll discover:

-Where Jesse would start if he was designing a client experience for an architecture firm from scratch
-How Jesse Cole recognizes and hires top talent, including his simple but powerful “future resume” technique
-How understanding the business you are really in can revolutionize your business

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