230: Building a Firm that Runs Itself with Scott Beebe

Today you’ll hear from a guest who focuses on liberating architecture firm owners from the chaos of working in their business.

Scott Beebe is a business growth and scaling expert who helps architecture firm owners create a firm that runs by itself.

Billionaire real estate entrepreneur Gary Keller says that you are only a business owner if you can walk away from your business and your net worth increases.

If you can’t walk away from your business and increase your net revenue, you’re just an employee of your business with management responsibilities and risk.

In this interview, you’ll discover how to create a business of which you are an owner, not just an employee.

You’ll learn how to create a business that has real value beyond you.

With a business that practically runs itself, all areas of your life can improve – your relationships, your home life, and your personal quality of life.

Stress can evaporate like the morning fog.

Find out more on http://businessofarchitecture.com/yt.


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