178: Benevolent Success In Architecture with Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Benjamin Garcia Saxe is the Founder and Design Director of Studio Saxe in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Ben and Rion Willard are old colleagues, having worked together at RSHP, where Benjamin was already winning awards on the side.

His first project was an extension of his masters thesis, a hand constructed bamboo shelter. This was a beautifully thoughtful space that demonstrated the power of design and making beautiful atmospheric, emotive spaces with the simplest of resources. The project earned Ben the World Architect Festival Award for ‘World’s Best Private House’ in 2010. “Nature Leads Design” is still the primary theme in his projects to this day.

Ben prefers an approach of being an advisor to his clients, finding out ways to be of value outside the realm of design. He attributes his excellent pipeline of work to this approach in nourishing relationships.

Ben’s entrepreneurial mind has also helped provide a new journey into development for Studio Saxe. He shares the successes, challenges, benefits, and risks of being your own client.


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To find out more about Benjamin Saxe, visit: https://studiosaxe.com/

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-garcia-saxe-b97aa86

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiosaxe/



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