🔴 What is Strategy and How Do You Sell It? AMA w/ Chris Do live stream

Chris Do answers your business of design questions about Intellectual Property (IP) rights in selling design work, how to sell strategy, communicate deadlines and prevent scope creep.


00:44 Q: What makes your workers so invested in your company?
03:32 Products & Money come and go but if you don’t take care of people, they won’t give you their best work.
04:45 Q: Can you explain what strategy is and how your charge for it?
12:05 Q: Does the cost for strategy include the actual deliverables?
15:05 Q: What are the main arguments I should use If they are using the same pricing?
17:20 How to Fight against lower price options
19:55 Q: What is the best means of communication between an agency and client during work?
21:00 Q: How do you keep a client updated on your progress?
26:40 Q: How do you firmly push back against a smaller budget?
31:50 If enough people aren’t saying no to you, you aren’t charging enough.
34:05 Q: What’s a good way to challenge and push back against client whims?
36:15 Q: How do you know when to interrupt in a meeting with a client?
39:03 Q: If two designers are working on a project, should there just be one lead designer?
40:50 Q: Do you sell the Intellectual Property ownership when you do design?
42:45 How should prepare for client meetings?
44:14 Q: As an ad agency, do you sell the IP and rights of what you create?
45:55 Q: How do you thrive as a low-budget designer, how do I position myself?
50:00 Q: How do you get that one big client to showcase everything that I can do?
52:20 Q: Aside from knowing the agenda and materials, how would you prepare yourself for client meetings?
53:50 Q: When deliverables tend to change, how do you prevent scope creep?
56:35 Q: When pitching to larger companies how do you go about implementing strategy
58:10 Q: Brokering: If you have to hire a third party agency or freelancer to help you finish the job, who gets the credit?
1:01:07 Q: How can someone get started in strategy?
1:02:50 Q: How to tell a client that your competitors work is not better?
1:06:38 Q: Do you have any good advice for clients taking too long to get back to you? (They go quiet)
1:08:43 Q: How do you break through a wall when you feel that you are not progressing?
1:09:27 Q: Can you share some resources on how to run your design studio as a business?
1:10:39 Q: How can you stand out like other creative agencies?
1:11:00 Q: Do you have a client management tip of the day?
1:11:24 Q: What is the most influential factor that has led to your business success?
1:12:00 Q: Where is your reading list?
1:12:50 Are you an entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur? Let Nothing Stop You.

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