🔴 Raw: Ask Me Anything PT. 2

The business man of design, hanging out on a Thursday, answering your questions. Ask Chris Anything.


02:11 What I love and what I prefer has nothing to do with the client’s goals.
02:25 Present work that attracts a certain type of client.
03:00 Focus on selling the process, not the product that you make.
03:38 Q: Would picking a niche to apply only to solo designers, or for larger agencies too.
05:00 We are information heavy, time poor
08:20 Q: How do you pick the right third party agency to outsource work to?
15:35 Q: How do you get on other companies radar for third party work?
18:00 Q: How do you justify your design?
19:40 The Ikea effect: Enroll your clients in the creative process
24:28 Q: How do I get into strategy as a graphic design student?
26:03 Q: When you have a large social following, how do you engage your business leads?
27:59 Q: If i need to present a visual identity and I don’t like my name, what should I do?
29:05 Q: After the first meeting with the potential client, they dissappear.. why is that?
34:55 Q: I’ve raised my prices but now I’m not getting as much work?
36:30 Q: Have you ever taken on projects that offer little to no payment upfront?
38:10 Q: How do you choose between a better business opportunity or stay where I am?
42:22 Q: How do you change the perspective of your client?
45:39 Q: How do you generate passive income as a designer?
48:55 Q: I’m Close to selling a million dollar project, how should I do it?
52:00 Why are you hesitant to start?
56:31 Q: How do you start your own agency without a studio and work from home?
1:05:00 Q: How do you show that you are the least risky option with overseas clients?

Book References

Value Proposition Design – Strategyzer
Creative Strategy and the Business of Design – Douglas Davis
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto – Blair Enns
101 Things I Learned in Business School – Michael W. Preis and Matthew Frederick

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