🔴 Mentorship – How To Find A Great Mentor

How do you get a business mentor? How do you know if your mentor is good? How do you prepare for your first mentor meeting? Can anyone be a good mentor? How do you ask someone to be your mentor?

Chris answers viewers’ questions on how to connect with potential mentors.


01:07 You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.
02:44 Get rid of negative and irresponsible friends
03:30 Read the biographies of people who are successful
05:48 Q: I asked someone to be my mentor and they refused, what went wrong?
08:24 Q: How do you approach a mentor? Do you find someone a few steps ahead of you?
10:27 Find artists who are open to sharing their thoughts, process, philosophy, and attitudes towards their work.
12:07 Q: How do I know it’s the right time to seek out a mentor?
14:40 Q: Where do I find mentors for me to connect with from remote locations?
21:36 Should a mentor be in a different profession than you are?
23:28 I was mentored by Ash Thorp, and now I want to become a mentor myself. Do you have any advice or resources?
25:13 What are some tips for preparing the first meeting with a mentor?
28:30 Q: When you had your mentor, what question did you ask that lead to good conversations?
29:30 Deconstruct your mentor’s creative recipes on how they make decisions
32:50 Q: What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?
35:16 Q: Is it possible to be mentored by someone that you have never met?
36:23 Q: Is there a person who can help put you on the right path?
38:58 Be willing to exchange some of your time, to start a relationship your mentor
41:47 Q: If you cannot get access to mentors, the next best thing is to read/watch their content.
47:30 Q: What is your experience with mastermind groups?
49:00 Q: How do you bring value to your mentor as a mentee?
52:53 Q: Do you have tips on how to be an effective learner?
56:30 If you are open to learning, criticism will sound like advice.

Book References

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness – Jim Rohn
The Power of Self-confidence – Brian Tracy

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