🔴 Logo Design Process— Live feat. Spartan Logo Design Challenge

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Stop making. Start thinking. Why having a process that includes thorough research and involving your client will not only save you from doing unnecessary work, but it will also make what you do more valuable to your clients. Logo Design process explained along with updates and critique on the Spartan Logo Design Challenge.

Spartan Logo Design Challenge details here:

Deadline is May 30, 2017


03:45 Who are the judges for the Spartan Logo Design Challenge?
05:08 How to get more information on the spartan logo design challenge
06:22 What should you design for the challenge?
07:20 Design Challenge Prizes
11:44 Are you Spartan?
12:48 A guide to typographic terminology (preview)
17:08 Scrolling Letterforms – Nils Lindstrom Masterclass preview
23:14 Q: What’s the difference between “Black Letter'” and Gothic?
24:32 Design Process – Think More, do less.
25:04 Research Phase: Learning about the project, brand, and history
26:00 Image Buckets Phase: Reviewing motifs, patterns, and textiles
26:45 Stylescapes Phase: Curating images and compiling varying sets of ideas
27:30 Sketch Ideation Phase: Based on clients feedback from the stylescapes, you narrow down the feel/main ideas.
28:12 Design Phase: Putting pen to paper
28:54 History & Image Bucket Examples
30:50 You don’t want to reinvent something that’s already been designed
33:04 Brand Examples
35:06 Q: Is this design process included in the CORE kit?
36:00 Q: Are stress points still trending in typefaces?
37:50 Logo Critiques
44:58 Q: For the logo challenge, do we conform to the spartan race’s brand?
54:20 Motion Graphic logo design process critique
1:29:36 Q: If we are documenting our work, how should we show the process?
1:30:35 Q: Do you show clients multiple concept drawings before going to screen?
1:32:53 Q: When using the golden ratio, what happens when no circle fits your logo?
1:35:08 Q: Do we need to include Reebok’s brand in our design?
1:36:11 The Futur – Pro Group Exclusive Content
1:41:00 Thank you – Outro

Great Typography Book

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works – Erik Spiekermann – http://amzn.to/2pvpSVx

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Spartan Logo Design Challenge details:

This is a cross-channel event with 2 amazing people:
Jonathan Rudolph
@logoinspirations IG

Will Paterson
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