๐Ÿ”ด Industry Myths & Subjectivity of Art w/ co-host Ash Thorp

Is it important to learn the tools first before you experiment? Is experimentation the logical start to learning design or art? Should you master the fundamentals, design principles, craftsmanship of your trade before you start experimenting?

Ash Thorp (co-host)

01:40 Ash Thorp – Demo Reel & Featured Work
06:14 Getting better at design (tools & techniques, foundation/principles, practice, experimentation, mastery)
07:58 It takes a lot of work and practice to become good at something.
09:35 Competitive Advantage – Learn the tools and techniques of your craft
11:36 Reverse engineer the goal and find the tools and methods that you’ll need to learn.
17:22 I celebrate the moments where I’m steadily working and making progress.
23:09 Learn from the best mentors to learn faster.
27:57 Creating good habits are what help us get closer to mastery
30:07 Q: Did you ever have a point early in your career when you were really discouraged?
33:40 Be content with the person you are today, and keep improving.
35:33 Counterpoint: We learn through experimentation, and through experimentation, we learn the tools.
39:12 “We are not making art, we are just practicing skills.”
40:57 Q: How do you keep learning and growing as an artist?
43:15 Take an athlete’s perspective on training your craft with a regimen.
45:26 Subjectivity of Art – Van Gogh
49:29 Q: Can you talk about people who are technically skilled with design tools, but do not have much to contribute artistically?
56:08 Q: How do you push yourself when you’ve hit a wall?
58:28 Q: Are your visions clearer because of your tool mastery?
1:00:47 Q: How do you approach roadblocks?
1:03:00 I use personal projects to smash through my weaknesses and train my skills.
1:04:33 Q: Do you find it more comfortable working with a team or working alone?
1:08:10 Q: When you get a design brief from a client, but you feel they should go a different direction, what do you do?
1:12:25 Q: What’s a moment that you are really proud of?
1:14:02 When is the futur learn squared workshop happening?
1:16:25 What does the future look like for motion designers in 10 years?
1:19:53 If you are really great at something and love doing it, there will be a market for you.


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