🔴 AMA w Chris Do Live Stream – Biz Edition

Ask Me Anything Live Stream w/ Chris Do. Any business question is fair game for this edition of AMA – Business Advice Q&A.


01:45 Announcements: Blair Enns Podcast, Co-host search, & College Campus Tour
02:36 Upcoming Guests
05:50 Q: How do you deal with an overwhelming amount of work?
06:47 Q: I want to start a youtube channel but feel that it’s too saturated?
07:58 Q: I’m going from solopreneur graphic/web design practice to a design studio. Who are the first three people that I should hire?
09:00 Q: Should I be cautious when putting original designs on Facebook or Instagram? I’m concerned about people stealing my work.
10:48 Q: What are some tips for starting to sell strategy as a designer?
13:02 Q: What’s the best way to find work or clients outside of your country?
14:48 Q: How do you handle idea paralysis?
17:06 Goals must be measurable and bound by time.
20:00 Q: What’s the way to approach a company that has a bad design, and telling them so without offending them?
22:18 Q: Should the partner be doing pitches or the main designer/author of the content?
24:45 Burst Technique: Collect all of your thoughts, organize them, and only speak when ready.
25:13 Q: What are some tactics for presenting?
26:00 Emotional Graph as a guide for how to structure your story.
26:44 Nancy Duarte Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nYFpuc2Umk
27:00 Steve jobs launches iPhone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN4U5FqrOdQ
28:07 Q: How did you guys develop the design identity for Blind?
29:59 Q: What was it like to hire your own design teacher?
31:59 Q: How do you market to large companies if all you have done are smaller gigs?
33:51 Q: Do you have any workflow advice for the link between the graphic designer and producer/art director?
37:23 Focus doesn’t imply going narrower, it means going deeper. – Blair Enns
39:32 Q: What are good daily habits for freelancers that work 10+ hours per day?
41:56 Q: How does blind handle project management?
45:00 Q: How does blind deal with catastrophic financial crisis?
48:48 Q: How do I narrow my focus and specialize?
50:10 Q: Is there a checklist with words that describe brand attributes?
51:47 Q: If a big client asks you for a designer RFP without clear specifics, how would you bid on it?
53:28 Three crucial phases to solving any problem
57:05 Q: What are the next big trends in design?
1:03:05 Q: What contract would you make with companies that have potential?
1:03:32 Find ways to help clients grow their business, instead of just focusing on design.
1:05:14 Q: Is it still important to have a website with the growth of social media?
1:07:19 Q: How do you find work if you’re not a people person?
1:09:12 Q: What happens if I overbid a project, and want to win them back?
1:11:49 Q: How do you find sales reps that will work on commission only?
1:15:24 Should I combine my two businesses into one?
1:18:45 How to join the exclusive pro group

Book References

Talk Like TED – Carmine Gallo
Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists – Margaret Hartwell & Joshua C. Chen

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