Writing and Critical Thinking in Architecture – Part 5

Lecture date: 2011-03-25

Organised by Marina Lathouri

At a time of rapid technological change and a pervasive global intelligence, where greater numbers of new books, magazines and journals – in print and online – are being published, this event aims to look at different approaches to writing in and about architecture. The aim is to articulate the role of writing in the realm of contemporary architecture and culture and in reformulations of practice. Participants reflect upon the possibility of criticism in these new modes of production of architectural knowledge.This enquiry into writing and architecture began with a series of seminars in the autumn, exploring writing from the various yet overlapping standpoints of author, editor, critic and journalist and examining intersections with visual art/design practice.

Nasrine Seraji (Director, Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, DAZIBAO d’Architectures) – ‘Reading Architecture’

Yves Lomax (Goldsmiths) – ‘Beginning, Ends and Middles’

Jane Rendell (The Bartlett School of Architecture) – ‘Site-Writing’

Mario Carpo (Georgia Institute of Technology/Yale University)

Marina Lathouri (AA School) – ‘Writing as Architecture’

Hannes Mayer (Archithese) ‘To the Root: The Changing Relevance of Thoroughness’

Giovanna Borasi (CCA)

Joseph Grima (Domus) – ‘Collaborative Criticism: Magazines in the era of 140-Character Debate’


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