Why ZWCAD is Better Than AutoCAD? Goodbye Hatching Issues!!

Download ZWCAD: http://zwsoft.co/platformstudio

In this video, I compared ZWCAD with AutoCAD. Turns out ZWCAD is better than AutoCAD in terms of speed, usability, interface, hatching, and pricing. I highly recommend trying it out. So we are dealing with Why ZWCAD is Better Than AutoCAD?and saying Goodbye to Hatching Issues!! we are doing a ZWCAD 2024 overview and solving AutoCAD hatch problems.
0:00 – Intro
1:23 – Downloading ZWCAD
3:32 – Familiar Interface
6:41 – Compatibility
8:05 – Timing
12:20 – Smaart Tools
15:40 – Hatching
21:07 – Pricing
23:49 – Outro


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