What Will the Future of the Workplace Look Like? Moscow Urban Forum

Comfortable working conditions are the key to productivity and creativity of employees. When Steve Jobs commissioned a new Apple campus from Foster+Partners in 2009, he sought to create the best office building in the world where workspaces are designed to inspire employees. At the same time, some large companies are abandoning traditional spaces and are moving to co-working, which provide business space to companies that gather representatives of a wide range of business sectors. Such an environment facilitates networking, as well as provides companies with the opportunity to find contractors, customers or partners from the comfort of their offices.

What should a comfortable and stimulating office be like?
Who sets the trends and creates demands for workspace organization today?
How do offices of the “old kind” adapt to new requirements?
How does office design affect performance? How can we design an office that considers the biorhythms of a person and has a positive impact on his/her health?

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