What to do AFTER Architecture School (Advice for Graduates)

Advice for architecture students and young professionals. What to do after architecture school, what to expect, and how uncertainty is an integral part of the creative life. In this video, I share excerpts from a conversation I had with Maleick, a 22-year old architecture student from Baltimore. He’s preparing to graduate architecture school this spring, making plans, weighing his options and struggling with the anxiety of not knowing what’s next.

Twenty-two years ago, I stood where Maleick and many of you stand today, entering the profession with the same concerns, the same worries. Today, twenty-two years later, I’m no longer an architect. Yes, I have the degree and the license and buildings I’ve designed but the profession I stepped into back then no longer exists. Today I’m a photographer, a graphic designer, a marketer, a filmmaker, a writer, a negotiator, an editor, a curator, and a creator. There are no more architects in the singular sense of the word. Practice today is anything and everything you design it to be. I’m all these things because I chose optionality over specificity. I want to do more things in life than architecture. I want to make videos, I want to design hardware and t-shirts, I want to print letterpress cards and pursue aerial photography. I have a thousand interests. Adopting the creator’s mindset has allowed me to develop skills that serve a variety of outcomes, and has led me to a most rewarding professional life, full of opportunity.

Special thanks to Maleick for the footage he contributed, he has a YouTube channel you should check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO5WZpf4iKvzK2fW8ozxQcA

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