Volcanic Tower

Honorable Mention
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Chunyang Li, Shuai Yang, Zhenhang Zhao, Ruize Xiao, Yuequn Wang

Volcanic Tower

The earth is full of volcanoes, and the occasional eruption of volcanoes has caused a lot of trouble, and has been accompanied by a lot of energy release. Solving the problem of volcanic eruption and using the energy of volcanoes is the concept of our design. Volcanic eruption is due to the magma underneath the pressure is too large, we through unceasingly magma Wells out of the magma of energy, so, in the magma energy will never reach the state of the eruption.

Obtaining energy through a magma well requires overcoming the following four points. First of all, the depth of the magma well needs to reach five kilometers, which requires a lot of technology. Second, in the process of obtaining energy, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases will be emitted, so the building USES green plants such as algae to absorb carbon dioxide and other gases. The third point, the conservation of energy, is the way the building USES energy blocks to solve more volcanic eruptions.

In order to deal with the problem of gas pressure balance and building flight, a special biofilm structure was designed. The air inside and outside can be exchanged through biofilms. It can also be inflated in the middle of the biofilm, and when all the membrane structures are filled with gas, it provides the power to fly the building.

The demand for nature is not unlimited, and when we collect a certain amount of volcanic energy, we fly down a volcano that needs to be governed.


Volcanic Tower

Volcanic Tower

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