Flexible Materials Skyscraper

Honorable Mention
2017 Skyscraper Competition

Fu Hao, Zhang Yunlong, Yang Ge
United States

Flexible Materials Skyscraper
Flexible Materials Skyscraper

Nowadays, the construction of the building needs a lot of time, manpower, and working procedure. A variety of buildings are formed through being assembled with different materials. However, the changeless rigid material has not been able to meet the people’s pursuit of the architectural form, and the complex construction process also limits the development of the building. So we hope to explore a new architectural model to meet people’s pursuit of architectural form while reducing the tedious construction process. Draping – just like putting on clothes for a building, which are tailor made from inside to outside. We hope to find out a new material which can be arbitrarily folded, cut, enclosed, sewed, turned over, and falls into a pattern. Tower just shows such a concept and form. Most of its exterior spread like vertically carpet from its top floor, the local contraction showing a part of the internal details. In addition, its interior is assembled with more detailed small units. This method not only makes the construction of the building more convenient and simple, makes the building repaired easily, but also makes the material easily reused and recycled after the demolition.

As a result, the building will be able to developed more possibilities, the burden that formed for modeling reduced in the aspect of structure, so the method is more convenient for the construction process and for recycling to reuse, which solves the problem that the vast majority of construction waste, and also brings people a new space experience.

Flexible Materials Skyscraper
Flexible Materials Skyscraper Board 1
Flexible Materials Skyscraper
Flexible Materials Skyscraper Board 2

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