Vertical walking system allows people with physical disabilities to move between floors

Eindhoven-based designer Rombout Frieling has created a vertical walking system that enables people with physical disabilities to manually move themselves between different floors in a building, without any external energy.

The system, called Vertiwalk, was designed as an entirely man-powered alternative to stairlifts to allow people who are less physically able to reach different floors without having to give up exercising altogether.

The user has to perform a vertical rowing-like movement. By balancing themselves between a footplate and a seat, they can lightly shift their weight back and forth to move themselves up to different floors.

As it is not reliant on external power sources, the VertiWalk system works in places without access to electricity, or places that have unreliable power resources. It is also space efficient, only requiring an area of 80 by 80 centimetres to be installed.

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