UCLA AUD Summer Programs 2022 Lecture Series: Tyson Phillips And Shahverdi

Sima Shahverdi is a technologist and a designer, and is Founder of Namooni LLC. Her background and passion lie at the intersection of technology, mobility, product design, and robotic-integrated architectural solutions. She participated in developing the iconic NASA-awarded Mars habitat, Marsha, which was featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Youtube Original series, The Age of AI by Robert Downey Jr. Inspired by the martian habitat, She led the design team for Tera, the earth habitat, where she was deeply involved in novel fabrication techniques and practicality of 3d printing. Sima works closely with the development team on new products from scratch. The Internet of things (IoT) and sensory technology is a common theme among many of the products. She completed her M.Arch.II at UCLA, Suprastudio program, under supervision of Greg Lynn. She has worked as architectural designer in kevin Daly Architects in Los Angeles and wHY architects in new york on award winning projects. Among these projects were Edinburgh’s Ross Pavilion, and Mo Ostin UCLA basketball center. Sima is the vocalist of a persian music band named Koubeh based in Brooklyn, New York.

Tyson Phillips is Tyson is a licensed architect practicing in Boston, Massachusetts as the Lead Smart Behavior Designer at Piaggio Fast Forward, researching how humans move and interact in the built environment and applying those findings to consumer-ready robot behaviors. His work is a constant exploration of the potential of architectural space in relation to its occupants. He explores this through the intersection of design (what), fabrication (how), and research (why). Each project maintains a consciousness for the changing place of architecture within the modern world. They are socially responsive, experientially derived, and structurally designed to respond to the geometry of humanity. Tyson received his Master of Architecture from AUD MArch II program and his Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Sociology from Virginia Tech. He has worked as a design architect at Morris Adjmi Architects in New York City, a freelance design technologist, and the manager of the robotics laboratory in the postgraduate architecture program at UCLA. Tyson has also participated in projects at Sundance Film Festival, South by Southwest, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He also is a recipient of the Norman Foster Foundation Scholar Research Grant.



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