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Typography logo timelapse, some ‘Wacom alpine typography’ in Adobe Illustrator partly with my Wacom tablet.
What’s up people, back again with a timelapse graphic design video for you all, this time a typography logo timelapse in Illustrator with Wacom added!

I chose another kind of relaxing and natural themes to work around today, I chose the word ‘alpine’ referring to mountains, and then created some handwritten typography with the Wacom in Illustrator.

I then turned this into a typography logo, creating a very simple symbol for the logo and then putting it all together in various different layouts, 4 of them in fact.

I used my Wacom tablet for the Alpine typography section of the design, which I created first. Then I created the logo mark with the pen tool in Illustrator. My handwritten Wacom skills are improving with practice and time, makes sense that they would.

I was pleased with the final typography logo solution using both the Wacom tablet and the pen tool in Illustrator. If it was an actualy graphic design project for a client however, I obviously would have spent much more time on the logo design. But yeah I was pleased with the Wacom aline typography timelapse!

I am curious to know which of the 4 alpine typography designs you liked the best, if any lol! But I did have fun making this typography logo timelapse video, and so hope you enjoyed watching it?

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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This amazing music is made by “Joakim Karud” :- https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/va…

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