Tree Talks 2: Money and Trees (Part II)

An inspiring line-up of landscape architects from Brussels, Paris, Zurich and London show their recent work and compare policies, practices and economies around trees in cities.

Money and Trees is a series of mini lectures addressing the limits to growth. Accompanied by economists and artists we discuss if we can plant our way out of the environmental crisis. Tree Talks has been conceived by Judith Lösing, director at East and the recipient of the first Architecture Foundation Research Fellowship. This is the second in a series of three talks that form part of London Arboretum, a new programme of residencies, lectures and publications around trees in the capital.


Bas Smets Bureau Bas Smets, Brussels
Robin Winogrond Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, Zurich
Irene Djao–Rakitine Djao–Rakitine, Paris and London
Julian Lewis East, London
Mama D. Ujuaje Community Centred Knowledge, London, Leeds, Bristol


Jack Self Architect, director of Real and editor of Real Review
Judith Lösing Research Fellow at the Architecture Foundation

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