Toyo Ito (February 7, 1990)

Michael Rotondi introduces Toyo Ito and his translator Shinji Isozaki.

Ito discusses the five main themes of his work and how each theme relates to the city of Tokyo: Chaos, the Superficial, Floating, the Ephemeral, and the Sequential.

Ito discusses difference between Japanese and Western concepts of space. For him, Western space is like a museum, where Japanese space is like a theatre, because it is created by events.

Ito discusses his own home, and how he has been influenced by primitive habitats. He asks how we can make similar structures today using new technologies and materials. He discusses a variety of projects including other commissioned residential projects, an unrealized design, and a restaurant/bar in which a noh performance occurred.

Ito discusses his more recent and larger scale work. These projects include a history museum, an amusement center, and the Tower of the Wind built in front of the Yokohama Station in Tokyo. He also discusses his new interest in fabricating furniture.



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