Top 5 Photoshop Tips | Photoshop Foundations Challenge

CHALLENGE: From hotkeys to libraries, join us as we explore the best tools and tricks for your workflow.
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Join your host VooDoo Val each morning at 9:00am PT to learn how to approach each challenge using Photoshop. Get your questions answered, see what the community is creating and get feedback on your work!

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00:00 Start
00:33 Introduction
02:04 Today’s challenge
03:50 Adding colors to the Library
07:50 Checking values
10:27 Creating a noisy brush effect__
12:08 Lock transparencies
13:15 Creating a noisy brush effect
17:15 Recap___
18:25 View modes
19:20- Quick layer selection—
20:00- Smart guides
22:35- Hide selection hotkey


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