Top 10 Tips for Designers 2018 – Best Moments From The Futur

What are the best design tips from 2018? What are the 10 most impactful moments from 2018? These are the top 10 best moments on The Futur. Watch as we count down our favorite moments from 2018. Guests include Brian Collins, Aaron Draplin, Jonathan Stark, Sagi Haviv, Bonnie Tsang, Melinda Livsey and more!

The Futur Top 10 Moments from 2018:

10. Emily’s First Graphic Design Portfolio Review:

9. Simple Tips to IMPROVE your Design:

8. 🔴 Aaron Draplin DDC Live Stream Straight Talking Graphic Design at The Futur with Chris Do:

7. 🔴 Become an Instagram Influencer w/ expert Bonnie Tsang:

6. 🔴 What Makes A Logo Great & Iconic? w/ Sagi Haviv:

5. 🔴 Hourly Billing Is Nuts— Stop Trading Time For Money:

4. How She Went From Charging $0 to $5k For Strategy in 6 Months Ep. 9:

3. 🔴 Why Redesign the Dropbox Logo? Design Master Brian Collins Explains:

2. How to Respond To Price Buyers or Low Budget Clients—Role Play:

1. Why Some Designers Are More Valuable Than Others:

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