The Power of AR with Luke Choice – 2 of 2

Learn how to bring your 2D and 3D designs together into an interactive augmented reality experience using Aero, Photoshop, and After Effects with Luke Choice. He’ll take you through his full creative process from scanning images to prepping your layers to applying triggers and behaviors!

Guest Luke Choice is the founder and artist at Velvet Spectrum based in Astoria, OR:

Host Wade Acuff is an artist and Adobe Live mentor based in Jackson, Mississippi:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
01:40 Introduction of Luke
03:00 Recap of Day 1
04:45 Creating an Audio Trigger
14:30 Creating illustrations in Photoshop
15:45 How Aero allows Luke to express his creativity
24:30 Adding dimension to an illustration with shading
28:15 Duplicating assets to create depth
29:30 Experimenting with Layer Styles
32:20 Cropping your canvas around an illustration
33:40 Importing the wing illustration
34:20 Giving the wings movement
36:00 Changing the axis of an element
39:30 Previewing the Wing Flap movement
41:45 How does Luke work through Art Block?
48:40 How did Luke first get into AR design?
53:00 Adding in more ornamental elements
54:50 Radial distribution of elements
57:45 Using a real life tattoo as an AR trigger
01:01:45 Using default Aero shapes as a scale reference
01:04:00 Can looped animations be imported as asset textures?
01:05:30 Using After Effects to create custom animations
01:10:00 Creating an eye-blink effect
01:14:30 Importing an image sequence animation into Aero
01:19:20 Duplicating the wing element and rotating to create the right side
01:21:50 Adding behavior triggers to the dagger element
01:30:00 Artist Spotlight: Amrit Pal Singh
01:38:55 Creating a parallax scene with Adobe Stock photos
01:52:00 Recap of work from day 1 and 2


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