The North American Anthology – Part 2

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Wood Auditorium

A conference curated by Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor of Architecture, GSAPP

With presentations by:

Steven Holl, New York
Rick Joy, Tucson
John+ Patricia Patkau, Vancouver
Stanley Saitowitz, San Francisco
Brigitte Shim + Howard Sutcliffe, Toronto

These five North American offices represent a varied body of work which, although quite distinct and different, share certain values, such as a particularly sensitive feeling for the impact of both craftsmanship and climate on the generation of form and a seemingly, equally shared concern for the expressive tactility of material and the articulation of structure under the impact of light. Bringing together two Canadian and three American practices highlights the value of an equally cogent and critical architectural culture being developed across the border to the north. At the same time, the work is placed within a general North American context, thereby allowing one to compare the practice of architecture on the West Coast with work being developed independently in the South West, and the East Coasts.


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