The Journey of Designing a Home Made of Marble (House Tour)

Located in the lavish landscape of Melbourne’s Toorak sits a family home made of marble. The architecture of this generously sized house capitalises on the beautiful views of the city. Driven by the desire to create a strong street presence, the home made of marble boasts four levels. With purposely pared back materials, the home allows the intensely rich marble to speak for itself. Inspired by restrained natural colours and materials, the marble chosen in partnership with Artedomus is featured throughout the whole house, including the façade and interior design.

Being taken along the house tour of Grange Road Residence, you are transported to another location. The home made of marble is, at its core, a complete illustration of scale, light and proportion. Working with a European design inspiration, much of the interior design is furnished from Italian imported furniture pieces. A grand staircase, complete with polished plaster balustrade centres the internal architecture of the marble home; the four storeys gave the space the opportunity for light to travel down from a skylight.

Inspired by techniques used for thousands of years, the marble and stone supplied by Artedomus is vital to completing the home. It feeds into the balance between warm and cold, fine-tuned by the veins and tonality of each individual slab of marble. Whilst the exterior and architecture of the home is based on warmer tones, the interior design is based around a cooler palette. A hero piece within the home, breaking up the larger spaced rooms, is the custom-built Wyrie Table from the Artedomus New Volumes range, designed by industrial designer Nick Rennie. The marble has a unique quality to it, giving each element character and breathing life into the internal spaces.

The house tour of the marble home exposes how contrasting light and shadow can add a layer of richness to any interior and exterior space, especially as the light picks up intricate detailing of the marble pieces and bringing with it surprising and innovative depth.

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Architecture by Conrad Architects.
Interior Design by Lauren Tarrant Design.
Marble, Stone, Bathware and Tiles Supplied by Artedomus.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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