The Journey | Chris Do and Jose Caballer Discuss Their Career Path Highs & Lows

In this episode, Jose Caballer and Chris Do share their personal stories, the journey to get where they are. They cover the highs and lows of their career paths, Including their struggles, car crashes, jobs, being a bus boy, fry boy at Arby’s, stocking groceries, stocking fabric at the fabric warehouse and how they got to Art Center.

This episode is for Adam Weil, who asked us to share are backstories. Adam here it is; how we became designers and the obstacles we had to overcome.


0:40 How Jose Caballer got into the design industry (The Groop)
5:32 How Chris Do got into the design industry (Blind)
9:37 How Jose Caballer started his design business
11:39 How Chris Do started his design business
14:26 If everyone’s in charge, no one is in charge. Don’t assume responsibility without having the clear authority to execute what you want to do.
16:04 Jose’s initial struggle with accounting and managing financial decisions
21:45 Don’t make the mistake of financing your clients’ bills
25:19 Focus on developing yourself first, not your business
26:12 Don’t make the mistake of starting a business with no prior work experience or clients
28:28 Until you can pay everyone what they are worth, and make a profit on top, you don’t have a real business.
29:59 How to more accurately bid on projects

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