The Home of an Architect Designed for Small Living (House Tour)

The home of architect, Clovelly Apartment represents a considered approach to small space living. Designing his family home brought architect James Garvan great joy – from seeing the recognising the apartment’s potential all the way through to the detailed craftsmanship that now defines the home’s interior. The original block was rundown, with a classic 1960s floorplan that was inconsistent to how families live today. By opening up the floorplan, the apartment has become a generous and connected architects’ home.

Part of the potential of Clovelly Apartment was its beach location and the undeniably breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. Being the home of an architect, many of the design choices became obvious from the outset. James maximised the small living space, creating an intense connection to its coastal outlooks. This focus – bringing the outside in – allows the light quality to change throughout the day and the apartment to fully embrace its coastal site.

As the home of an architect, the apartment emphasises detail and craft. The original walls were removed, seeing steel beams installed to carry the weight of the building, creating an interplay between the structure and the delicate wood joinery. The light-coloured timber and refrained colour palette meant that James and his family could put their own footprint on the interior design, bringing character into the room through artwork, décor, and furniture. Other features, such as the brass elements of the design, allow personality to shine through. As the brass evolves over time, it becomes marked – a touching way to measure time, which is now embedded in the material, and the building itself.

With its inventive use of design, Clovelly Apartment is truly the home of an architect.

Architecture by James Garvan Architecture.
Construction by Hancock Homes.
Photography by Katherine Lu.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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