The Future of Typography with Dan Rhatigan | Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Sessions recorded at Adobe MAX 2018: Font technology is taking major leaps forward for the first time in decades, just as it’s becoming easier to discover and work with great typefaces in everything you create. Come take a look at what’s new and what’s next in the world of typography.

Join Dan Rhatigan, manager of Adobe’s in-house type foundry, to find out what’s in the works including:
– Color fonts you can use in more applications and how to create your own custom color fonts inside Illustrator and Photoshop
– Variable fonts with new technology that combines all the styles of a family in a single font, letting you specify just the right version you need
– How it’s becoming possible to work with fonts that support more of the world’s languages
– Ways to choose and work with fonts from Typekit, Google, and other services that make it easier to find the right typeface for any project



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