The 7 Threats to a Successful Architecture Business!!

BOA UK Live Event March 5th 2019, 7-10pm @U+I in Victoria.

7 THREATS to an Architecture Business…and how to avoid them !

In this event we look at the 7 most deadly threats that can cause disaster to even the most robust Architectural Practices. These threats can be responsible for:

– Working with the wrong clients
– Inconsistent growth
– Constant firefighting in your business,
– Unfulfilling work
– Out of control credit control
– Chasing unpaid Invoices
– Paying employees late
– Fierce competition getting undercutting your fees
– Chasing projects you do not win
– Losing your best staff
– Clients breaking their agreements
– Carrying losses from repeated competition entries that have gone nowhere
– And many others…

Learn from our experienced panel discussion what the 7 Threats to an Architecture Business are and how you can avoid them.

Running order of the Night:

– Networking and drinks with construction professionals, architects, developers, investors and others
– Lessons on the 7 Threats with Rion Willard
– Tools to avoid the 7 Threats – with Special Guest Speaker
– Discussion Panel where our guest speakers will share effective methods for avoiding the 7 Threats: Speakers to be announced shortly!
– More Networking – find yourself a project, partner, mentor or collaborator!

Speaking at the next Business of Architecture UK Live Event on how to defend against the 7 Threats to an Architecture Business we have:

David West of Egret West
Hazel Rounding of ShedKm
Tara Gbolade of Gbolade Studio
Tim Burgess of Cove Burgess
Johan Taft of Magnify Your Greatness

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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