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Inside Out

A Shifting Ground submission from Amy Ferguson. source UCdTPS2QzPNy8gzKDcGYiYgA

Ants of the Prairie Youtube

The League’s FF – Distance Edition, an online version of the long-running First Friday series, will continue on Thursday evenings. This season’s events feature...

Peter Barber: 100 Mile City and Other Stories

Current Work is a lecture series featuring leading figures in the worlds of architecture, urbanism, design, and art. Peter Barber is the founder and director...

League Prize 2021: Office e.g. and Studio Barnes

The first in a three-part online lecture series, featuring Liz Gálvez of Office e.g. and Germane David Barnes of Studio Barnes. source UCdTPS2QzPNy8gzKDcGYiYgA

Annual Student Program 2021

In this video documenting a portion of the League’s Annual Student Program, four leaders in the fields of design, architecture, and housing offer insight...

League Prize 2021: Studio Mayd and Palma

The third in a three-part online lecture series featuring the 2021 winners with Lindsey May of Studio Mayd and Ilse Cárdenas, Regina de Hoyos,...

League Prize 2021: Agency–Agency and APRDELESP

The second in a three-part online lecture series featuring the 2021 winners with Tei Carpenter of Agency–Agency and Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman and Ricardo Roxo...

Palma: Objects! Processes?

One of six installations for the digital exhibition by winners of the 2021 League Prize. Film by Roberto Escamilla-Garduño Drone photos by Daniel Spencer...

Of Envelopes and Air

This video is part of the online exhibition Housekeeping by winners of the 2021 League Prize. source UCdTPS2QzPNy8gzKDcGYiYgA
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