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Photoshop Rendering: Wet Street

www.alexhogrefe.com . The tutorial looks at the work flow of creating a "wet street" look using only photoshop. The illustration is of the Jindu...

AH: Sold-out crowd (No Sound)

www.alexhogrefe.com . A video showing the workflow of a rendering produced for my final thesis source

Kerkythea Tutorial: Part 4 Post Processing

www.alexhogrefe.com. the final part of this series, the video looks at some basic post processing after a base rendering is achieved. source

Rhino, Grasshopper: Transforming arena seating

This is an exploration of how lecture hall seating could transform into arena seating. More on the project can be found at www.alexhogrefe.com source

Rhino Grasshopper: site study with forces and attractors

site forces were used to explore massing placement and transparency, while maintaining pedestrian paths. www.alexhogrefe.com source

Tutorial: Wet Street Look (No Sound)

More tutorials can be found on my Blog: www.alexhogrefe.com source

AH: Clay rendering (no Sound)

www.alexhogrefe.com source


A quick tutorial explaining how to add light rays to an architecture illustration using Photoshop. More at alexhogrefe.com source

Rhino 4: Grasshopper lofted surface

Starting with a Rhino grasshopper definition developed by www.paramod.net , I explored making a panel that could be deformed multiple times, but still connect...