Synthetic Ecologies Live: Namita Patel x Seetal Solanki

Compendium is a research and development tool create by Serpentine Synthetic Ecologies Lab, a growing archive of resources and library of creative and critical inquiry in life science and ecology.

This live event introduced two of Compendiums Guild members or “Contributors” that have helped build the Compendium – Namita Patel who is Fermentation Manager at the Francis Crick Institute, and Seetal Solanki who is Founder of It live streams on 30 August via @SerpentineUK’s Twich at 18:00 BST.

Each Compendium season continue to grow in content and perspectives across their seasons. It can be accessed via

Curated and presented by Serpentine Synthetic Ecologies Lab
Produced by Alex Boyes, Namita Patel and Seetal Solanki
Production support by Róisín McVeigh
Moderation by Róisín McVeigh
Twitch UI and 2D design by Roxy Zeiher
Original Twitch Artwork by Somnath Bhatt
Special thanks to Serpentine Arts Technologies Technical Manager Ralph Pritchard
Live Captions delivered by Stagetext, written by Heather Casali.



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