Synthetic Ecologies – Compendium Virtual Launch

How can fermentation and our relationship with microbial life inform different disciplinary practices?

Compendium is a creative research and development tool devised by Serpentine’s Synthetic Ecologies Lab. It is a guide in the exploration of the parallels between culture, ecology and life science through the lens of seasonal thematic motifs. Led by a Guest Curator and the Guild, – a group of contributing thought leaders from diverse fields, – Compendium is an evolving archive of sketches, notes and conversations that explore histories of human knowledge and the invisible scales of life that govern not only our kitchens, but also our contemporary science, culture and technology.

This live event celebrated the launch of the first Compendium focusing on fermentation with Guest Curator Angela Dimayuga and Synthetic Ecologies Lab Principal Investigator and Compendium Project Director Yasaman Sheri on 07 July via @SerpentineUK’s Twitch at 20:00 BST.

Each Compendium season continue to grow in content and perspectives across their seasons. It can be accessed via

Presented by Yasaman Sheri and Angela Dimayuga
Produced by Alex Boyes
Moderation by Tamar Clarke-Brown
UI and 2D Design by Roxy Zeiher
Artwork by Somnath Bhatt
Typeface by Brian Huddleston
Special thanks to Serpentine’s Arts Technologies Technical Manager Ralph Pritchard
Live captions provided by Katy Ryder on behalf of Stagetext



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