Spaceworkers curves concrete roof and glass walls for Cabo de Vila in Portugal

A concrete roof with concave sides sits atop curving glass and wood walls at this house in Portugal, which is captured in a film starring a child on a red tricycle.

Portuguese studio Spaceworkers designed Cabo de Vila for a young couple who asked for an unusual looking house to occupy a rural site in Paredes hemmed by woodland.

The studio wanted the shape of the house to fill the open plot in the base of a valley, and so designed a large concrete roof with scooped sides and corners that stretch outwards.

A concrete base follows the same shape as the roof and both feature vertical markings on the edges.

Walls made of black wood and glass are sandwiched between the slabs, offering the residents plenty of views to the greenery and houses in the distance.

“We wanted a shape that can fill the void left by the valley and at the same time we wanted this new shape to embrace and reflects the surrounding green areas giving its users a special perspective on the landscape,” said the studio.

“The proposed volume materialises its shape through two concrete slabs with its concave sides, allowing a light glass and wood wall to unroll between them, which in a positive and negative game let the interior of the house communicate with the exterior.”

The facade is set slightly back from the edge of the concrete slabs, creating a covered walkway around the house and larger viewing platforms at the corners.

A set of shallow steps fan outwards and lead from the road to one of these covered corners – the house’s entrance – while another acts as a parking space for the owner’s motorbike.

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