Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter to Designers

How can designers use social media or content marketing to get more design clients? Does social media work for marketing? How do I do it?

Don’t be afraid to use Social media to show a narrative of your work, to give value and insight about what you have to offer the world. Just put stuff out and experiment with different platforms.

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“Don’t drink & Tweet…” – Jose Caballer

“I stay up late at night crying when no one watches our show…” – Chris Do

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Chris and Jose talk about social media for designers. Why designers should be on Social Media and how to use it. They discuss best practices for designers, do’s and don’ts and what to do when no one is watching.


1:35 Why you should be active on social media
2:48 Use social media to develop the narrative of your personal brand
6:11 The reason why you want to build an audience
8:21 Focus group testing: create concepts and get quality feedback
10:32 The landscape of social media
12:20 Personal Branding on social media
14:30 Be careful what you put up on social media because it becomes your narrative
15:51 Q: Can you afford not to master social media?
19:14 Best practices for social media
21:38 Share the process of how you come up with ideas
22:04 Share content at the right times
22:45 Use the platform that best showcases your strengths
24:22 Be consistent in your social media efforts

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